Current NFT Issuance

NFTs -- Rocky Mountain Landscapes Oil

This series consist of 24 NFTs of the four seasons as experienced in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. From the Buena Vista, Continental Divide to the mighty Colorado River splashing through

obrázek bez popisu

NFTs -- Rocky Mountain Landscapes Watercolor

This series consist of 17 NFTs of the four seasons as experienced in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. These works are close to home -- in my "backyard" so-to-speak. Executed in watercolors and ink.

obrázek bez popisu


Works In Progress

"The Big Landscape Series" (working title) This series of painting is nearing completion and will be released as a limited edition possibly with polygon.

"Nineteen In D Minor" An an eclectic series of artworks begun during the pandemic as a means to stay sane. As attributed to Da Vinci "A painting is never finished only abandoned." I am not sure about these works meaning I am not ready to let go of them yet. When that cathartic moment does happen they will be issued as limited edition of NFTs.

The Archive

Why is a traditional artist making NFTs?

Easily 85% of my paintings were destroyed (My Story). Over the years I have searched for and found many images of these unfortunate works and cobble together Missing Collections, which I will then issue as NFT -- archiving the Masters.

With the help of friends and curators I have been able to put together the majority of the series of lost works, Inspired Illuminations and hope to offer the completed series soon.